Christmas themed painting on wine glasses!

Christmas themed painting on wine glasses!

Are you hosting Christmas dinner or looking for a personal present to bring to your host with a bottle of wine? Hand painting onto wine glasses is fun, easy, and a nice gift to give this Christmas.

1. I used glass paint which I purchased in the Art and Hobby shop. It costs just under €6 per pot. Its called Pebio Virea 160 and is a water based paint so if you make mistakes you can simply wash it off and start again. Another option is glass paint pens which are probably a lot easier to use to be honest! 

 2. Use a clean wine glass! Get a variety of brushes, some kitchen roll and a glass of water to clean brushes and your set to go. Remember if it doesn't work out just wash it off with warm water, the paint doesn't set until you oven bake it!


3. Start painting!. For the examples below I painted some simple holly. I painted a natural tree using a black trunk and dotting green leaves around it, finished with gold dots for effect. Then I painted the stem of a glass gold and some holly at the bottom for a more subtle decoration. There are many ways to do this and using stencils is another option. 


4. Oven bake the glasses ( yes I was sure they would melt too!!) at 160 degrees for 40 minutes. The paint is then set and dishwasher proof!

 5. Cheers and Merry Christmas!

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